At Meat Masons we are passionate about only using the best possible ingredients – you are what you eat! We make sausages with a difference! We are a Gourmet Sausage Manufacturer and proudly make British Sausages & German Sausages. Not only do we manufacture sausages to our own secret recipes but we also have our own Secret Sausage Shop at the front of our manufacturing unit which has 10 different varieties of sausages available daily so people can come, try and buy some for themselves - Everyone welcome! 

We are proudly in partnership with Blythburgh free-range pork meaning that we appreciate that pigs born outside and who spend their entire lives outdoors in the fresh air, with freedom to roam in large paddocks, rooting around and playing with their peers make for a superior taste! All our pork has full traceability as well as a far superior taste and texture.

·         The highest quality natural casings.

·         Hand ground spices on site to retain the essential oils and a pinch of sea salt.

·         Produce to EC Standard 853/2004.

·         State of the art production facility.


Meat Mason's mission is to create taste and texture combinations to tantalise the taste buds!


1.     A person skilled in the art of cutting, curing, preserving, flavouring meat products such as the humble sausage;

2.     Mason is probably from the old French word masson (noun), maconner (verb), probably of Germanic origin;

3.     A lover of meat


Thinking of throwing a party?

Let’s talk frank(furters) - probably Britain's newest way of catering for a party! Do you have a wedding, birthday party, Halloween, or other event for 100's of people?  

Well....we can supply both grills* and gourmet wieners.

Supply options

100 Wieners = £1.30 per 100 gram unit

250 Wieners = £1.25 per 100 gram unit

500 Wieners = £1.20 per 100 gram unit

WiEner roller griddle hire* for 24 hours Each = £45.00

Roller griddle uses a standard 13 amp plug and will heat 21 Wieners simultaneously!  Simple instructions will be provided it is pretty much plug and roll ! This can be used both indoors or outdoors (subject to weather).

Other options include: Fat Franks ; Smokey Joes ; Bratwurst 

All you have to supply is the guests, buns, and relish – all we need to know is the address and date of your party and we will supply the rest. Just email orders@meatmasons.net with the subject PARTY or call us to discuss your requirements.

*Grills can be delivered by us anywhere within a 10 mile radius of Bishop’s Stortford inclusive of pricing below or people can collect. £200 refundable deposit and £45 per day per grill hire charge.

If you would like us to full cater we can do that through our sister company MM Catering. 

Our Facility

Our facility having recently been completed (and is probably the UK's newest frankfurter production facility!) is totally purpose designed and built to have a minimum carbon footprint and also to ensure the seamless production of lots of gourmet sausage! We have full climate control, fully insulated walls, ceilings and energy efficient lighting.

We use the latest state of the art equipment and manufacturer to EC Standard 853/2004. Many would think this is enough, but we also employ independent auditors to randomly test our manufacturing processes and facility to ensure we have the most robust operating plan possible.

The site is based in Bishop’s Stortford A1250 (Peek Business Centre just behind the football club on Woodside road), Hertfordshire very close to the M11 Junction and is therefore geographically well placed to serve London and Cambridge via the M11 and East Anglia via the A120.

We are extremely proud of our facility and welcome client visits.  

Frequently asked questions

About our meat

At Meat Masons we only use prime cuts of meat sourced locally and Blythburgh Pork so we can ensure that our products are  have full traceability. We for example love Blythburgh Free Range Pork as the piggies are born outside and spend their entire lives outdoors in fresh air, with freedom to roam in large paddocks, rooting around sandy Suffolk soil and playing with their peers. We also use all natural casings as we feel a natural product is a premium product - and of course we only use the best cuts of meat!

For more information about the pork we use please visit Blythburgh Free Range Pork by clicking here.About our flavours

We use whole spices ground where possible trying to ensure the natural oils are retained and the flavours are enhanced.


what is the Price of your products?

Price per 1kg of English sausage £8.50

For 100 g of German sausage price is upon application, dependent on volume and regular orders.

What is the standard Storage? 

English Sausage Up to 10 days refrigerated. 3 months frozen.

German Sausage Up to 28 days refrigerated. 3 months frozen.

What are your Cooking instructions?

Much depends on the sausage, cooking equipment and temperature! We recommend that all English Sausages are cooked in the oven. For our German Sausage our general rule is 15 -20 mins griddle.


The distribution is presented on a case by case basis dependant on location of the client and volume. There are a range of services available, from overnight courier to pallet distribution. Collection available with prior notice.

Contact Us

Telephone: 01279 657728

Meat Masons / Secret Sausage Shop, Unit i3, Peek Business Centre, Woodside, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 5RG




Name *

mm catering

Just send us a message with your requirements 

Secret Sausage Shop

Now open! 

10 Varieties of Sausages Daily.


Tuesday to Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 1pm


Clues to find us:

1) If you get dumped in Bishop's Stortford take a short walk to bring a smile to your face with a sausage

2) If you are sitting on the back of a two seater tandem paddock bicycle you can easily explore from there

3) Animal lovers are next door

4) Look out for the classic cream coloured Fiat 500!  

Really fantastic sausages. The subtle addition of paprika in the ‘Smokey Joe’ really makes a huge difference - sets it miles apart from others on the market!
— Joe S
These guys are the real deal with their traditional bowler hats. Love the fact that all sausages are made on site daily and there is a Tommy Art Toe sausage designed especially for kids!
— Jerry S
Top quality sausages, like they used to be. I understand they only use pork shoulder and a secret combination of herbs and spices! Will definitely be visiting again to buy some more.
— Nigel B