Few things in life weigh heavier than the disappointment of mediocre sausage but do not despair there is a place a world of sausage invention where sausages don’t just sizzle but dances with fullness and flavour where sweet pork shoulder meat mingles with a medley of ingredients to create what can only be describe “as sausage magic” where the sausage you dream of awaits

-          Mr Ed Bryne


James believes passionately in food quality and can only be described as a “foodie” he counts among his close friends Bob Walton MBE The President of The Restaurant Association and has the privilege to get to know top Michelin Starred Chefs and dine in most of the top restaurants in London. The Secret Sausage Shop was then created…


The Secret Sausage Shop produces the finest sausages and therefore only uses 100% pork shoulder meat (which is the sweetest pork meat) and provides the perfect balance between meat and a small amount of only pork shoulder fat to create the perfect sausage.    

Don’t just take our word for it



Emma Coelho (Local Google Guide)

…clearly passionate about the products that they sell, which are not only exceedingly high quality, but incredibly tasty too..


Mark Acford (Google Review)

…Fantastic sausages. Met them in Bishops Stortford, outside Waterstones as they were cooking and selling sausages. We then went to the shop and bought three different types of sausage. The taste is astounding…


Hollie Mathison (Facebook Review)

…Incredible customer service only exceeded by the amazing produce. BEST. SAUSAGES. EVER!!! Can't wait to come back to try the rest of the menu!!!...


√ 100% Pork Shoulder

√ Hand-made

√ Made with love & passion for food

√ Using local farm assured pork from Stevens Farms in Essex and also in proud partnership with Blythburgh Free Range Pork

√ Large variety of sausages available

√ Sausages can be designed to customer requirements


Plus we also hand-make our own 100% beef burgers, 100% lamb koftas, and sell sweet pork ribs, cracking crackling, traditional bacon to mention a few!   


Go to our website www.secretsausageshop.com to order your sausages now or call James on 07894139762 to discuss commercial discounts available and event catering.


Unit i3 Peek Business Centre, Woodside, Bishop’s Stortford, Herts, CM23 5RG

T: 01279 657728

E: james@meatmasons.net

W: secretsausageshop.com


Open to the general public (free car parking spaces outside our unit):

Tuesday - Saturday: 9am - 5pm

Sunday: 9am - 1pm

(Closed on Monday for a little rest) 

(if our METAL sign OR the sign directly outside our shop is out - we are OPEN as quite often we are working late producing sausages!) 


The Secret Sausage Stall

One of the stalls attends Bishop’s Stortford market every Saturday giving people to come and try a cooked sausage with caramelised onions, a sprinkle of crackling all within a freshly baked roll topped with a sauce of their choice! Come and try for yourself! 

Also available for event hire. 



We are looking to supply our sausages to only a handful of small number of high quality local establishments such as gourmet pubs, restaurants and hotels based in the South East - if you are interested please get in touch as we can offer commercial prices - please call James on 07894139762

Telephone (Office): 01279 657728


Secret Sausage Shop, Unit i3, Peek Business Centre, Woodside, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 5RG




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