Frequently asked questions

About our meat

At Meat Masons we only use prime cuts of meat sourced locally and Blythburgh Pork so we can ensure that our products are  have full traceability. We for example love Blythburgh Free Range Pork as the piggies are born outside and spend their entire lives outdoors in fresh air, with freedom to roam in large paddocks, rooting around sandy Suffolk soil and playing with their peers. We also use all natural casings as we feel a natural product is a premium product - and of course we only use the best cuts of meat!

For more information about the pork we use please ask and visit Blythburgh Free Range Pork by clicking here.About our flavours

We use whole spices ground where possible trying to ensure the natural oils are retained and the flavours are enhanced.


what is the Price of your products?

Price per 1kg of English sausage £8.50

For 100 g of German sausage price is upon application, dependent on volume and regular orders.

What is the standard Storage? 

English Sausage Up to 10 days refrigerated. 3 months frozen.

German Sausage Up to 28 days refrigerated. 3 months frozen.

What are your Cooking instructions?

Much depends on the sausage, cooking equipment and temperature! We recommend that all English Sausages are cooked in the oven. For our German Sausage our general rule is 15 -20 mins griddle.


The distribution is presented on a case by case basis dependant on location of the client and volume. There are a range of services available, from overnight courier to pallet distribution. Collection available with prior notice.